We have a battery operated ultrasound with several probes, allowing us to perform a high quality image for many conditions even in field conditions.

Ultrasonography allows us to view soft tissue structures. It helps us see areas including:

  • tendon, ligament and bone surfaces in orthopaedic cases
  • abdominal organs in horses with colic, weight loss and diarrhoea
  • the chest in horses with respiratory problems • the liver when liver damage has been picked up on a blood sample or if a liver biopsy is recommended
  • the bladder in cases with urinary dysfunction
  • the eye in ocular cases
  • and, of course, the uterus in pregnancy diagnosis, or the ovaries in assessment of reproductive system of mares

For many injuries repeat ultrasound examinations are used to monitor a horse’s progress within and exercise programme during recovery and return to work. For some disciplines pre competition s!eason assessment of tendons and ligaments is appropriate. If you require any further information about ultrasonography or need your horse scanned, please c!ontact us on 01304 364648.