Stud Medicine

We offer a host of services for broodmares, stallions and newborn foals.


Preparation for AI or covering:

Prior to embarking on breeding from your mare, we recommend a pre-breeding veterinary check. This will involve a general health check as low grade illnesses such as lameness, worm infestation or respiratory infections can lower the mare’s fertility.

Ultrasound examination of the uterus and ovaries will be carried out. This will show any abnormalities such as uterine cysts or free fluid, ovarian abnormalities such as growths and that the mare is cycling normally.

Prior to AI or going to stud, we recommend blood testing for Equine Viral Arteritis (EVA) and swabs fro Contagious Equine Metritis (CEM). In addition, many studs require additional tests such as blood samples for strangles exposure. It is important to check with the stud for their requirements.


Artificial Insemination

Using AI can greatly increase the breeding options, allowing mare owners a far wider range of stallions to choose from. Because the mare stays at home and the semen is delivered to her, AI has also the advantage of avoiding travel and eliminates the potential injury at covering. 

We offer special AI packages, which offer great value for money and are desinged to help you to predict the cost of AI: 

  • Fresh/chilled semen package £240 (including VAT)
  • Frozen semen package £390 (including VAT)

Both packages include:

  • Pre-breeding examination
  • Ultrasound examinations prior insemination (more frequent with Frozen AI package)
  • Medication to induce ovulation (Chorulon, Ovuplant), as well as Estrumate or Oxytocin as required 
  • Insemination
  • 'Wash out' (post-insemination uterine lavage)
  • Caslick operation if needed
  • 2 pregnancy scans (14-15 & 25-26 days)
  • Early management of twins

Packages do not include:

  • Visit fees - visits are charged at 50% of regular visit fee based on mileage
  • Swabs, blood sampling and lab fees
  • Further diagnostics and treatment for endometritis  
  • Non-routine drugs (i.e. sedation, Regumate)


Pregancy diagnosis

We recommend three ultrasound examinations:

  • The first should take place at 14-15 days after insemination (or the last day of covering). At this stage the embryonic vesicle is not fixed in the uterus and it's mobile. It is ideal time for identification of twin pregnancies.

  • The second ultrasound examination should take place at approximately 24-27 days. This scan checks that the conceptus has implanted properly into the uterus and that the embryo is developing and having a heartbeat. 

  • A third ultrasound examination is recommended around 45-50 days of pregnancy to monitor fetal viability after initial placental formation.

  • Later scans can be carried out but after day 90 the pregnancy begins to drop down in the abdomen and transrectal ultrasound is much less useful. At 60 days the developing foal has recognisable features such as backbone, chest, head and stomach.

Manual pregnancy diagnosis is possible by manual rectal palpation, but this cannot identify twins. Blood sampling can be also used - there are two main hormones that are measured depending on the stage of pregnancy:

  1. PMSG – this hormone is produced by the mare from the endometrial ‘cups’, therefore can detect pregnancy from around day 45 to day 90. If the mare loses the pregnancy then this hormone will remain high for some time, therefore it does not necessarily identify a live foal.
  2. Oestrone sulpahate – this hormone is raised from about 110 days of pregnancy to close to term; this is produced by the developing foal so a positive result indicates a live foal. There is a time gap between day 90-120 when none of the blood tests are very accurate and false n!egatives may occur if mares are blood sampled in this window.


  • Routine sampling for CEM, EVA and EIA testing (should be done after the first January each year)
  • Castrations

New born foal

  • Routine health check
  • Blood sampling for IgG estimation
  • Umbilical scanning

Our pregnancy scans at just £48 offer excellent value for money with a copy of the pregnancy emailed to the client free of charge. If you require any further information about reproduction services, please contact us on 01304 364648.