Visit Fees

Regular Visit Fee

Visit fee depends on a mileage. The mileage bands shown on the maps below are for a rough guide only; to find out exactly which visit fee will apply to your yard, please use the AA route finder and use the following postcode as a starting point:  

CT14 9AH 

Current prices for regular visits: 

Zone 1: 0-3 miles £27               Zone 6: 15.1-18 miles  £50              

Zone 2: 3.1-6 miles £32            Zone 7: 18.1-21 miles  £54           

Zone 3: 6.1-9 miles £37            Zone 8: 21.1-24 miles  £57            

Zone 4: 9.1-12 miles £42          Zone 9: 24.1-27 miles  £61          

Zone 5: 12.1-15 miles £47        Zone 10: 27.1-30 miles £64


Zone Visit: £10

Our cheap zone visit scheme allows you to book a routine appointment with reduced visit fee of only £10. We have divided our catchment area into five zones. By planning ahead you can save money on routine treatments such as vaccinations, teeth rasps, reexaminations and more.

Zone Day:

Monday: CT13, CT14, CT15, CT16, CT17

Tuesday: CT4, TN 23, TN24, part TN25 (north from Ashofd), ME 13

Wednesday: CT1, CT2, CT3, CT5, CT6

Thursday: CT18, CT19, CT20, CT21, part TN25 (south from Ashford) + CT13, CT14, CT15, CT16, CT17

Friday: CT7, CT8, CT9, CT10, CT11, CT12

Full terms and conditions for zone visits

  • Zone visits must be pre-booked - the day before at the latest. The appointments are filled on a first-come, first-served basis, so please try and book early. Not all visits in a zone area are discounted on a given day - only a routine work (please ask us if unsure).
  • We cannot give you a specific time for your zone visit, so please be prepared to be a bit flexible. You can tell us if you prefer morning or afternoon and we will do our best to honour that, but cannot promise it will happen (will depend on the majority of requests and the location).
  • Please be aware that all treatment done on a zone visit must be paid at the time of the visit, otherwise the visit fee will revert to full price.

The visit fee will be divided between the numbers of clients seen at the same time at the same place. If some of the clients are not eligible for the discounted zone visit fee, they will be charged a shared part of their visit fee (i.e. 1 client on normal visit charge to zone 1 + 1 client on zone visit charge, each will pay half of their particular visit fee charges, £11.50 and £5 respectively).

Services that are not eligible for zone day visit fee

  • Radiography
  • Ultrasonography
  • Pre-purchase examinations
  • Surgeries
  • Emergencies
  • Lameness investigations

If you require any further information about visit zones or would like to check if your planned visit is eligible for discounted zone visit, please contact us on 01304 364648.