Eye Emergencies

Injuries to eyes can be very serious and may need urgent veterinary attention. We advise that you phone us immediately if you notice any of the following:

  • Swelling to the eye/eyelids
  • Refusal to open the eye
  • Blood or pus in the eye
  • Cuts/trauma close to the eye/eyelids or on the eye itself
  • Foreign body (such as grass/twig) in the eye

Many injuries to eyes can heal very quickly if treated as soon as possible. However, any delay may result in short or long term sight defects, and injuries are likely to take a much longer time to heal and need intensive and costly treatment. If there is a small amount of clear or slightly white discharge from the corner of the eye, but the horse seems comfortable, the eye is fully open and there is no swelling, then you should clean the discharge with clean water. If the problem persists then a visit should be arranged during normal working hours as antibiotic drops may be required.