Equine Health Plans



At East Kent Equine we understand how important it is to give your horse or pony the best care possible. We know that you   want to ensure they are happy and healthy.
Our experienced team are committed to helping you keep your horse healthy, not just treating them when they are ill. Our dedicated horse only vets are here for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

It is widely recognised that prevention is better than cure and is cost effective in the long term. We also understand the importance of being able to make small monthly payments towards your horses’ complete annual health care.
That is why we have put together our preventative health care plans giving you peace of mind that your horse is getting all of the essential veterinary care whilst spreading the cost and saving you money. They will also help us take a more active role in all aspect of your horse’s care.

We have designed two different plans to suit most horses and owners. We can also create bespoke plans - if this is of interest, please contact us.

Each plan has a fixed monthly cost (payable by Direct Debit) and gives you peace of mind that you have all the necessary preventative care covered. Whilst spreading the cost of routine treatments, all members also qualify for additional discounts on other items in the practice.

Please be aware that signing up for health plan is not transferable between your horses. All horses must be microchipped to be able to be enrolled.

  Standard Health Plan Premium Health Plan
Cost per month £12.00 £25.00
Annual vaccination (zone visit included)  
Complete worming programme*  
6 monhtly health checks (zone visit incl.)  -
3 monthly health checks (zone visit incl.)  -
Blood sample & profile  -
10% off dentals (incl. sedation) 
Initial vaccination course 10% 20%
Recommended additional wormers 10% 20%
Blood tests, x-rays and ultrasounds 10% 20%
Out of hours surcharge 10% 20%


* Complete worming programme includes as many worm egg counts as we deem necessary (based on individual need of your horse), plus one wormer per year (if needed).  

For an additional £3 per month, each plan can also include one dental treatment per year.

Bespoke plans are available - please get in touch if interested!


Complete worming programme  
Cost per year £40
As many worm counts as necessary for particular horse
Tailored worming advice
10% discount on recommended wormers