Roundorm wormers

Roundworm wormers contain one active substance that is effective against small redworms and other small intestinal worms (i.e. ivermectin, fenbendazole, moxidectin)

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  • Animec horse wormer
    Animec Oral paste is a white paste containing 18.7 mg/g ivermectin, used for treatent of roundworms, lung worms and bots.   Uses Treatment in horses of nematode or arthropod infections due to: Large strongyles: Strongylus vulgaris (adults and L4 stage larvae [arterial]), Strongylus ..
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  • Equest horse wormer
    Equest Because of the unique way Moxidectin (the active Ingredient in Equest) works, Equest is the only wormer licensed to control all stages of encysted small redworm in a single dose. (It does not cover Tapeworms.) IT IS SUITABLE FOR FOALS OVER 4 MONTHS AND PREGNANT MARES. It has a remarkably l..
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