We have a battery operated ultrasound with several probes, allowing us to perform a high quality image for many conditions even in field conditions.

Ultrasonography allows us to view soft tissue structures.

We offer ultrasound examination in the following areas:

  • tendons, ligaments, joints and bone surfaces in orthopaedic cases (lameness or swellings/distentions of synovial structures)
  • back ultrasound (evaluation of the muscles and ligaments + to aid with acurate placement of therapeutic medications to interspinous processes or facet joints)
  • assessment of ovaries and uterus in mares with performance problems

For many injuries repeat ultrasound examinations are used to monitor a horse’s progress within and exercise programme during recovery and return to work. For some disciplines pre-competition season assessment of the tendons and ligaments is appropriate.

If you require any further information about ultrasonography or need your horse scanned, please c!ontact us on 01304 364648.